Out-of-Pile Transient Database Design

The Out-of-Pile Transient Database contains details and description of each test conducted in the FBTA and WPF test apparatuses. Visit the Tests page linked on the toolbar at the top of the page to search for a test or display a list of all tests in the database. The following information is included for each:

  • Furnace Apparatus
    • Whole Pin Furnace (WPF)
    • Fuel Behavior Test Apparatus (FBTA)
  • Sample Description
    • Pin ID & subassembly (from EBR-II)
    • Fuel & cladding composition
    • Peak Burnup of the tested pin
    • Geometry (segment axial location or fuel/plenum volume ratio)
  • Test Description
    • Test date, brief description, and status
    • Test objectives
    • Target maximum temperature
    • Test duration
    • Measurements taken

For each test, there is a collection of related records ranging from informal, internal memoranda and experimenter's notes to formal programmatic progress reports and publications. Each record is tagged according to the categories and descriptors below:

  • Bibliographic Information
    • Author(s)
    • Date, publishing entity
    • Title, report number
  • Content Description
    • Document type (e.g. report, memo, notes)
    • Content type (e.g. experiment design, planning, results)
  • Link to Tests
    • Test apparatus
    • Test name(s)

Relevant records for each test can be accessed from the "Related Documents" section on the Test Details page or searched for directly via the Documents page linked on the toolbar at the top of the page.