OPTD: Out-of-Pile Transient Database

OPTD is an organized, searchable archive of records describing a series of over 150 out-of-pile furnace transient tests conducted on metallic fuel samples at the Alpha-Gamma Hot Cell Facility (AGHCF) at Argonne National Laboratory. Fuel pins (or pin segments) irradiated in EBR-II were placed into one of two furnace apparatuses constructed in the AGHCF and overheated to examine the fuel-cladding compatibility of each sample, margins to failure, and failure mechanisms. The report ANL-ART-217, "Out-of-Pile Furnace Tests on Fast Reactor Metallic Fuels Conducted at the AGHCF," provides at-a-glance summary information for each of the out-of-pile furnace tests, including information about the tested fuel samples, test conditions, purpose of the tests, and key results. Where available, fuller detail and primary records describing the design, planning, and execution of the tests as well as test summary reports, experimenter's notes, and post-test sample metallographic records are included in this database. OPTD access is limited to U.S. citizens with user accounts (apply for an account via the "Login" button in the upper right corner).


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